Jacques Louise David - The Death of Socrates

Thoughts on Truth

Welcome wayward wandering wayfarer. If you were wondering, “Where is this wasteland where one has a view of the vast virtual void?” your surfing has brought you to the edge of the internet. Non plus ultra. You are presently precariously positioned on the precipice of the abyss at the periphery of the plenum. Civilization is back the way you came.

On the deeper real world of ideas, I was a lonely, lost soul looking for truth. I landed upon this terra nova, and founded this piece of land for I found peace in this land. I’m the single citizen of this sovereign state. The landscape and its structures here are my meditations, my writings “to myself”; where words are signposts signifying the layout of the land. It is open to visitors, not because I have anything to offer anyone, but because I am aware of the tortured anguish of the searcher over “the question”, of what it’s like to be the constant companion of loneliness, the fluid ease with which one frequently feels frustration, and to completely know confusion in the search for truth and in general. The open border policy is to provide for the possibility of another lonely, lost soul finding some succor and solace in someone else’s similar search for sapience. I am nobody presenting nothing to no one. If a reader finds any refuse they can fashion into something useful, let creators ex nihilo make of this what they will.

If perchance, sojourner, you are of magnanimous mind and have copious quantities of time, a laudable level of laboriousness, and possess the potential for a potent plethora of patience, I long to learn from others. I am amenable to kindly, well-intentioned criticisms and objections, which are welcomed with gratitude and enthusiasm. I am not, however, interested in an intellectual competition. If that is what you want… you win. Also, I am engaged in rigorous training, and a grueling struggle with myself, to never be competitive, and I want to be victorious.

I am not an authority on anything. I am not formally educated in anything found here. I am not a scholar. I am not an historian. I am not a scientist. If you find references to people or to books, the content written here is merely my take away from them, not what those thinkers or books put forth. I am not smart. I am not wise. I am merely a philosopher in the supposed “Pythagorean” sense of the word. Again, I am not an authority or an expert on any of the subjects dealt with on this site. My formal education in philosophy, history, literature, and science, like my knowledge in general, is virtually nonexistent. I have read, but not very intensively, a very small fraction of the literature devoted to these subjects, and so what is found here should not be accepted as an accurate account of these topics or of the contributions worthy of study within these disciplines. And all such information is a product of my poor reading ability, a dilettante's involvement, and my own limited understanding. I hope the reader will keep these things in mind regarding the content here, and will not uncritically accept any of it as much more than merely my musings.

So this site is not claiming to have anything that anyone else is looking for. It does not seek to persuade or convince the reader. It does not seek practical value. It does not promote an agenda. It is not an attempt at self-validation, intellectual competition, or pedantry. It does not seek explanation or certainty. It does not seek to make sense with what anybody else believes. It does not seek or claim to be unprecedented. It merely contains my thoughts on truth for myself...nothing more.

This site and the ideas they attempt to sketch are evolving living entities. There are many roads (links) that go nowhere, and may never go anywhere. This site was last added to on June 14, 2019. Well wishes in your travels.