I am not an authority or an expert on any of the subjects dealt with on this site. Philosophy, history, classic literature, and science are merely interests of mine. My formal education in these is scant. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, and I took an intro to philosophy class and an existential philosophy class, but these shouldn't give me any additional credit, especially as I have never been a decent student. Instead of studying what my classes required me to, I was usually just engaged in my own philosophical thinking instead. I have read, but not very intensively, a very small fraction of the literature devoted to these subjects, and so what is found here should not be taken as an exhaustive account of these topics or of the contributions worthy of study within these disciplines, and all such information is a product of my poor reading ability, a dilettante's involvement, and my own limited understanding. I hope the reader will keep these things in mind regarding the content on this site and will not uncritically accept any of the content as established fact.

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