Abelard and Heloise

There are times when example is better than precept for stirring or soothing human feelings. pg. 3

As my reputation grew, so other men’s jealousy was aroused. pg. 4

But success always puffs up fools with pride and worldly security weakens the spirit’s resolution and easily destroys it through carnal temptations. pg. 9

In the words of the apostle “knowledge breeds conceit”

A gift for letters is so rare in women that it added greatly to her charm and had made her most renowned throughout the realm. pg 10

I considered all the usual attractions for a lover and decided she was the one to bring to my bed, confident that I should have an easy success; for at that time I had youth and exceptional good looks as well as my great reputation to recommend me, and feared no rebuff from any woman I might choose to honor with my love. pg. 10

This lead him to make an urgent request which furthered my love and fell in with my wishes more than I had dared to hope...what else was he doing but giving me complete freedom to realize my desires. pg. 10

Pg 11, 1st paragraph has a lot of description of their lust.

We do not easily think ill of those whom we love most, and the taint of suspicion cannot exist along with warm affection. Hence the remark of St. Jerome in his letter to Sabinian ‘We are always the last to learn of evil in our own home, and the faults of our wife and children may be the talk of the town but do not reach our ears’. pg. 12

Pg 12 some unselfish concern for the other that sounds like love.

Separation drew our hearts still closer while frustration enflamed our passion even more; then we became more abandoned as we lost all sense of shame and, indeed, shame diminished as we found more opportunities for love making.

Accusing myself of the deceit love made me commit as if it were the basest treachery. pg. 13

I protested that I had done nothing unusual in the eyes of anyone who had known the power of love, and recalled how since the beginning of the human race women had brought the noblest men to ruin. pg. 13

Courage which is unconcealed always attracts envy, and lightning strikes the mountain peaks. – Jerome pg. 22

Beware lest violent action on your part brings him even more renown, and we are more damaged ourselves for our envy then he is through the justice of the charge. – Geoffrey pg. 22

No good comes from looking often on what one day may seduce you, and in exposing yourself to the temptation of what you find difficult to do without. – Jerome pg. 29

For a woman, being the weaker sex, is the more pitiable in a state of need, easily rousing human sympathy, and her virtue is the more pleasing to God as it is to man. pg. 36

Nothing is more intolerable than a rich woman – Juvenal

It is always some consolation in sorrow to feel that it is shared, and any burden laid on several is carried more lightly or removed – Heloise pg. 48

Through its feminine nature this plantation would be weak and frail even if it were not new – Heloise pg. 49

Starting on the last sentence of the first full paragraph on pg 50 to pg 55 there is lots of stuff. Love, lust, woman bashing.

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