Instructions of Amenemhat

BEGINNING OF THE TEACHING made by the Agency of the Dual King Sehetepibra Son of Ra Amenemhat true of voice, Declaring in a revelation of truth to his son the Lord of All, Saying, Rise as God Listen to what I tell you That you may be king of earth That you may rule the river-banks And achieve in excess of perfection

GATHER YOURSELF AGAINST DEPENDANTS - NOTHING COMES OF IT Anyone puts their heart in the direction of their fear. Never approach them alone. Trust none as brother. Make no friend. Create no intimates - it is worthless

IN SLEEP, GUARD YOUR HEART YOURSELF For a man has no servants On the day of woe. I gave to the destitute, and raised up the orphan. I promoted the man with nothing as much as the man of means.

THE VERY EATER OF MY BREAD MADE THE UPRISING. The one to whom I gave my arms, was creating fear from it, The one clothed in my fine linen was looking at me as if in rags, The one anointed with myrrh was as one who poured lowly water.

MY LIVING IMAGES, MY OWN DISTINCT FROM MEN, Make for me lament as has not been heard. The greatness of the fight too had not been seen. See, if you fight in the arena, oblivious of yesterday, There is no good outcome for he who is unaware.

IT WAS AFTER THE MEAL, NIGHT HAD FALLEN. I took an hour of rest. I lay on my bed, for I had grown weary. My heart began to follow sleep. Suddenly weapons of counsel were turned against me. I was like a snake of the desert

I AWOKE TO MY BODYGUARD. I found it was a body blow by a soldier. If I had swiftly taken weapons in my hand, I would have turned the wretch back in confusion, But there is no night champion, no-one who can fight alone. There can be no success without a protector.

SEE, THE ATTACK HAPPENED WHEN I WAS WITHOUT YOU, Before the court had heard I would hand over to you, Before I had sat with you, to make your position. For I had not feared it, I had not envisaged it. My hear had not borne the failure of servants.

HAD WOMEN EVER RAISED TROOPS? Had rebels ever been nurtured within the home? Had water ever been opened up, while the canals were being dug, And with locals at their tasks? No disaster had come up behind me since my birth. Never had the like happened - my moment was that of doer of valiant deeds.

I PLOUGHED SOUTH TO ABU, FARED NORTH TO THE MARSHES. I stood at the limits of the land, and saw its contour. I reached the limits of the strongholds, by my strength and by my forms.

I MYSELF WAS MAKER OF CROPS BELOVED OF Nepri. The Nile Flood honoured me at every embrace. None hungered in my years, none thirsted then. Men rested through what I had done, and told tales of me. All I had decreed was in its correct place.

I TRAPPED LIONS AND BROUGHT AWAY CROCODILES. I subdued the people of Nubia, and brought away the Medjay. I made the Asiatics do the dog walk.

[I MADE MY HOUSE ADORNED] WITH GOLD, its ceilings in lapis-lazuli, [its walls in silver, its floors in hard stone,] its doors in copper, its bolts of bronze, [made for eternity, equipped for everlasting life. I know this, as it is I who am] its Lord of All.

YET THERE ARE [MANY] LIES [IN THE STREETS, The wise agree, the fool refutes it,] For whoever lacking your sight cannot know it. [O Senusret (Live! Prosper! Be well!), my son, My legs leave, but to you alone belongs] my own heart, Since my eyes saw [you, born in the hour of happiness, Beside the people of the Sun, as they paid] you adoration.

SEE I HAVE MADE [THE PAST, AND ORDERED WHAT IS TO COME It is I who gathered together for you what is in my heart.] You are wearing the White Crown due to the offspring of the god. [The seal is in its place, as I ordained for you. There is jubilation in the barque] of Ra. Kingship has risen, become [what it was before.

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