Ignorance and talkativeness bear the chief sway among men.

Opportunity will be the most powerful.

Cherish not a thought.

Do not be fickle, or ungrateful.

men ought to give their daughters in marriage while they were girls in age, but women in sense; as indicating by this that girls ought to be well educated.

one ought to serve a friend that he may become a greater friend; and an enemy, to make him a friend.

one ought to guard against giving one's friends occasion to blame one, and one's enemies opportunity of plotting against one.

when a man goes out of his house, he should consider what he is going to do: and when he comes home again he should consider what he has done.

He used also to advise men to keep their bodies in health by exercise.

be fond of hearing rather than of talking.

be fond of learning rather than unwilling to learn.

speak well of people.

seek virtue and eschew vice.

avoid injustice.

give the best advice in one's power to one's country.

be superior to pleasure.

do nothing by force.

instruct one's children

To be ready for reconciliation after quarrels.

Not to caress one's wife, nor to quarrel with her when strangers are present, for that to do the one is a sign of folly, and to do the latter is downright madness.

Not to chastise a servant while elated with drink, for so doing one will appear to be drunk one's self.

marry from among one's equals, for if one takes a wife of a higher rank than one's self, one will have one's connexions for one's masters.

Not to laugh at those who are being reproved, for so one will be detested by them.

Be not haughty when prosperous.

Be not desponding when in difficulties.

Learn to bear the changes of fortune with magnanimity.

Moderation is the best thing.

CLEOBULUS TO SOLON. You have many friends, and a home everywhere, but yet I think that Lindus will be the most agreeable habitation for Solon, since it enjoys a democratic government, and it is a maritime island, and whoever dwells in it has nothing to fear from Pisistratus, and you will have friends flock to you from all quarters.

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