and they [the Muses] bring forgetfulness of evil, rest from pain. 55

And when the daughters of great Zeus would bring honor upon a heaven-favored lord and when they watch him being born, they pour sweet dew upon his tongue, and from his lips flow honeyed words. All people look to him when he is giving judgement uprightly, and speaking with assurance he can stop great quarrels sensibly. Wise lords are wise in this: when public harm is being done to the people, they can set things straight with ease, advising with soft words. And when a lord comes into the assembly, he is wooed with honeyed reverence, just like a god, and is conspicuous above the crowd, such is the Muses' holy gift to men.

And he is luck whom the Muses love. His voice flows sweetly from his mouth, and when a man has sorrow newly on his mind and grieves until his heart is parched within, if a bard, the servant of the Muses, sings the glorious deeds the men of old performed, and hymns the blessed ones, Olympian gods, at once that man forgets his heavy heart, and has no memory of any grief, so quick the Muses gift diverts his mind.

and Love, most beautiful of all the deathless gods. He makes men weak, he overpowers the clever mind, and tames the spirit in the breast of men and gods.

The goddess [Aphrodite] came forth, lovely, much revered

From the beginning, both among gods and men, she [Aphrodite] had this honor and received this power: fond murmuring of girls, and smiles, and tricks, and sweet delight, and friendliness, and charm.

Then deadly Night gave birth to Nemesis, that pain to gods and men, and then she bore Deceit and Love, sad Age, and strong-willed Strife. And hateful strife gave birth to wretched Work, Forgetfullness, and Famine, tearful Pains, Battle and Fights, Murders, Killings of men, Quarrels and Lies and Stories and Disputes, and Lawlessness and Ruin, both allied, and Oath, who brings most grief to men on earth when anyone swears falsely, knowing it.

pg. 35 The day the Lightener...as would be just.

pg. 37 and those who pray to...wants it so.

pg. 39 Epimetheus...pride.

pg. 39 Strong Heracles...almighty Zeus.

pg. 41 He found a price...virgin.

pg. 42 When he had... cannot be healed.

pg. 44 The sons of Kronos...power.

pg. 44 You do not need...on the battlefield.

pg. 51 or 52 But when the...to honor.

pg. 53 And to Ares... in numbing war.

Work and Days

pg. 59 Upon the earth... painful cares for men.

pg. 60 They'll pay for fire... Zeus the wise.

pg. 63 they lived Brief... forsook the gods

pg. 64 Now, by day...

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