Anonymous Greek Party Songs

Oh, if only one could examine each manís nature, open his chest to check his feelings; then youíd close it back up again, then truly acknowledge him friend with an open heart. 889

Healthís the finest of all things for a mortal; second-best is to be attractive-looking; and the third-bestís wealth, honest-john wealth; fourth-bestís enjoying lifeís prime with your favorite pals. 890

Now this is what the crab said as the snake in his claw he caught: ĎA friend should be straightforward, and think no devious thought.í 892

[Isle of Blessed - Sun and Moon?] pg. 178

The old sow's got a nice acorn, but has her heart set on another; and Iíve got one pretty girl, but have my heart set on another. 904

He who betrays not his friend wins great esteem among both mortals and gods, as I opine. 908

I'm plenty rich, Iíve got my spear, my sword, my lovely oxhide to protect my skin. With this I sow, with this I reap, with this I tread the sweet wine from the grapes, with this Iím titled master of the serfs. And those not bold enough for spear, for sword, for lovely oxhide to protect their skins, why, they all cower at my knees, prostrate themselvesÖ addressing me as master and great king. 909

You cannot play the fox or be friends with both sides. 912(a)

A mortal man needs little Ė only love and fodder; but youíre really miserly. 913

Never will I accept prestige as the reward of dishonest gain. 961

The highest state of man is to enjoy whatís fine, and have the means. 986

I hate to drink with anyone inclined to remember things. 1002

And what she approves with even a nod of her brows must submit to the dispensation of powerful necessity. 1017

Grind, mill, grind: even Pittacus used to grind, the ruler of great Mytilene. 869

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